Spring 18 Rec Games Start

Date: February 24, 2018

Recreational games for U4(born in 2014) to U14(7th Graders) with FSA.

Games can be played any day of the week.  There are many games on Saturdays from 8am to 8pm.  Teams will have some games during the week as well starting at 6:00pm.  Weather related rescheduling of games may cause games to be scheduled on a Sunday.

Please check your schedule on a regular basis throughout the season as changes can occur.  To find your team, go to the age group, and click on the very top schedule icon.  Then you can "control F" to search for your team name.  Once you find this, click on the team name for the schedule.
The names you see are division names taken from professional soccer players, not coach names.  
If you have trouble locating your team please ask your coach, league director, or the FSA office.
Teams Under 13/14 may play in three different cities. Check your schedule closely for the correct park. 

**Only possible reschedules will be FISD related events**