Academy Registration

 Individual Academy Player Registration Information

           (See the link below to register & complete a background check as a non-rostered adult.  This is required for any adult listed on the roster)

This is an individual form specific to a player. This form should not be completed or paid for by the team.

This form is not complete until the top box "For Association/League Use Only" is completed and signed by a NTSSA registrar.  Please see the instructions below:

* Players who are not currently registered to play recreational soccer can register with FSA no matter where they live.

* Current FSA recreational players are NOT required to register and pay an additional fee for Academy.  Skip to step 2 and complete a form and send. 

* Academy forms are specific to the individual player.  They are not specific to team.  KEEP A COPY OF YOUR FORM AT ALL TIMES. Each team you participate with will want a copy.

* Spring only - If you were registered in the fall or are currently registered for spring to play recreational soccer with another NTSSA association STOP!  You must get your academy form from that association.  If you still want to register with Frisco, you must get a release from that association.  Here is the NTSSA form required.  Please make sure to get the proper signatures before providing this form to FSA:  Release/Transfer Form

The ACADEMY FORM must be filled out completely and legible with all signatures, as well as signed by a NTSSA area association in order to participate with a North Texas Soccer member association academy program.
This form is required for player participation in any NTSSA academy program or tournament.  



Multiple (more than 4) forms will only be processed with check or cash payment.


Fee $20  

This Registration is for U7 - U10 Academy Players Only! They will not be placed on a team by FSA. You must find your own academy team.

Step 1. Register Online Register as an Academy Player

Step 2. After registering, print the form from your players registration or use the blank form below. Complete and sign the form before sending to FSA.  Academy Registration Form - Blank

Step 3. Send the form to the FSA office for Registrar signature and stamp. Your form is not complete with out this step and can not be used by the team.  If this is your first time registering with FSA you must include a birth certificate or passport copy. We will sign and return to you.

Step 4. Once FSA returns your form with our signature and stamp, you will need to forward to the team manager or coach requesting the form.

Send completed form here - Email:  It will be returned to you when signed by FSA.

It is very important to KEEP A COPY of the finished signed form for your records. FSA recommends you email this document to yourself! This form becomes your proof of registration. 


 Register as a Non-Rostered Adult  (F17/S18)- For adults who want to appear on an academy roster. This includes registration with North Texas through FSA and a background check. $5.00 Fee



Information for Academy Coaches and Managers  

Information for Parents of Academy Players. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find a team?
It is up to the player to find an Academy (or Academy team) in which they would like to participate.

Why do I have to Register with a NTSSA association?
All players must be registered and reported to NTSSA to be a sanctioned player. 
Only sanctioned players may participate in any events and tournaments that are sanctioned by North Texas State Soccer Association.

Who must register?
All players who wish to participate in an NTSSA sanctioned event with an Academy team.

Who can register through FSA for Academy?
Any one who is not currently registered with another NTSSA association.

How often do I register?
Registrants have the option to register for the soccer year (Fall - Spring) or for one season only.
FSA will only validate an Academy form for the season (s) for which the player is participating.

How do I register?
Online registration is provided. 
Current recreational players may complete the form and submit to the office for validation.
Parents should register players direct with FSA.

What is required for registration for Academy?
Birth certificate if the player is registering for the first time with Frisco Soccer and a payment

What if I need another copy of the Academy form?
Parents should keep a copy of the form for their records.  This form can be used for any Academy team or club.