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Taken from The Power of a Youth Coaches Words - 
What changed my outlook on youth coaching was hearing the kids talk about their former coach. Boys and girls of all age groups, and ability levels spoke from the heart about how Murray’s positive attitude inspired them to live their lives a different way, inspired them to be better people. No kids spoke about how Murray, taught them how to perform a turn Messi would be proud of, or a finish that even Ronaldo would stand up and applaud. Up until last night, I believed our role as youth coaches was to make better soccer players but I was wrong, our role is to inspire children in a positive way through soccer, regardless of their ability. Just because a kid can’t play to the level of another, doesn’t mean they don’t have the same sensitivity to criticism and praise. We must always remember the kids we coach are kids first, soccer players second.
Check the USYS Coach Resources available on line.  Here's a small sample of what you can find on the USYS site:
Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual .PDF Document  (Oct 1, 2015)
 2015 Skills School Manual .PDF Document
U6-U8 Practice Activities .PDF Document 
U-10 Practice Activities .PDF Document
U-12 Practice Activities .PDF Document
U-6 Dribbling I .PDF Document
U-8 Dribbling .PDF Document
U-8 Receiving .PDF Document 
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Players can upload a video completing their chosen skills to receive online personalized coaching from a member of our virtual coach team. 

Us Youth Soccer Video Clips on youtube
Additional Links:
SoccerXpert - Free Drills by age & type.
Top Soccer Drills
Surefire Soccer


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U4 through U8 teams - will have uniforms provided by FSA each fall.  In the spring, new players, new teams and returning player to new teams will be provided another uniform.  Returning players to the same team will keep the uniform from the fall.   Uniforms are pre-ordered and pre-numbered and information on colors is not available until the coach meeting.

We advise you not to hand the uniforms out at the first meeting.  Some young players may have a change of heart once practice begins.  Uniform kits have 2 sizes.  Start with your larger sizes and players and work down when handing out the uniforms.  Please keep in mind that kids all grow at different rates. What may seem big at the beginning of the season may be small at the end!

U9 and older teams - You may have any color you like.  Just be sure to have contrasting pinnies, bibs, vest, etc to wear over the uniforms on game days if there is a color conflict with the other team. We have some here at the office. Home team must change. The team can also use these for the first game if your uniforms don't arrive in time.

We suggest you select a style in advance of your first team meeting so you can email the parents with the cost and have them bring you funds.  Then you can place the order as a team the next day.  If you don't collect money in advance, we suggest you provide the parent with the information so they can be responsible for ordering for themselves. Please do not pay for uniforms with out collecting the funds first.  Cost of uniforms should be kept to a minimum as many parents have multiple children participating.  

Check Uniform Options here:   

Soccer City, located in downtown Frisco is a great place to start the process.  View options under team kits.

On-line Resources:

Score Uniforms