Check In Requirements


***All teams must still physically check in at the FSA office.  See information below**

1) Roster - U11 and older - Using a copy of your official roster (North Texas or US Club), cross out any players who you are 100% sure will not be participating in the tournament.  If all are participating, write all players participating on the roster. You do not need to provide player ID cards.  

Roster - U7-U10 Academy teams -NTSSA teams should upload their final validated Academy Tournament Roster (please see steps below). US Club will use the roster provided to them through US Club.  Teams may not be a mix of both.

2) Guest Players - U11 - U19 teams - If you have guest players, review the forms to make sure they are complete including signatures and registration number.  Guest Player maximum is 5 for recreational and competitive teams, no exceptions. Guest players may make themselves "available for the tournament" by logging in to their individual account.  This will allow you to add them to your event roster.  If your guest player is not currently registered to play soccer, have them register as a Non-rostered Guest Player.  There are no guest players in U7-U10 since academy rosters are by individual tournament.   Guest Player Form

  • ·         Upload the completed guest player forms to your event account. 

3) Every player, including guest players must have a medical form signed by the parent. Forms do not need to be notarized.  U7-U10 teams may use the medical on the bottom of the Academy Registration form.  

  • ·         Upload medicals to your event account.

4) Once all 3 items above have been uploaded to your event account we will review your documents and flag you as complete if there are no issues with the team paperwork provided.  

 If you choose not to do the electronic pre-check in, please make sure all your documents are complete before you come to the office.  Please do not plan to have academy forms signed and academy tournament rosters validated at check in.  This must be done in advance.

 ***All teams must still physically check in at the FSA office to receive your packet with gifts and other valuable information.

New Location:

5566 Main Street #205, Frisco, Tx 75033
(Corner of North Dallas Tollway and Main Street)
Wednesday, May 17th 9am to 5pm
Thursday, May 18th 9am to 5pm
Friday, May 19th 9am to 7pm  
**Travel teams may have the option to check in Saturday morning at the field 1 hour prior to your game.  
Please contact us in advance for approval based on accurate electronic pre-check.

Academy Tournament Roster for NTSSA U7-U10 teams. Here's how...

  The U7, U8, U9 & U10 groups for this tournament are all considered academy since both recreational and academy teams can participate.   

The following steps are required for an NTSSA academy team:

Step 1) Coaches/Managers - Whether your team is recreational, academy or a mix, each player will need a current Academy Player Registration Form covering SPRING 2016.  If you need a form for the player, please send this link to the parent so they can follow the steps and get a completed form back to you.     

Academy Player Registration Form

 Step 2) Coaches/Managers - Once you have a current (2016 & signed by a NTSSA registrar) Academy Registration Form for each player, use the Academy Tournament Roster below and list each player in alphabetical order by last name.  Be sure to use the players proper name and provide all the information required including the registration number.  All adults listed as Coach, AC, or Mgr must have a background check and a NTSSA registration number.      Academy Tournament Roster

Step 3) Coaches/Managers - Take/send the completed individual Academy Registration forms for each player on the roster and the Academy Tournament Roster form to a North Texas Association and have the roster signed by the registrar (Validated).  You can send it to Frisco Soccer at  Please do this as soon as possible since we will be very busy checking teams in the week of the tournament.

This will be your tournament roster for this tournament only.  

If you have any questions about this process, call the Frisco Soccer Association office at 972-712-4625 or email to


Maximum Roster Size includes rostered participating players and guest players:
Age Group Roster Max
U7-U8 (4v4)  8
U8-U9 (7v7) 12
U9-U12 (9v9) 16
U13-U14 (11v11) 18
 U15+ (11v11) 22