Games and Standings




There will be adjustments after the first release and during the season from time to time.


Please check your schedule on a regular basis throughout the season as changes can occur.  To find your team, go to the age group, and click on the very top schedule icon.  Then you can "control F" to search for your team name.  Once you find this, click on the team name for the schedule.
The names you see are division names taken from professional soccer players, not coach names.  
If you have trouble locating your team please ask your coach, league director, or the FSA office.
Teams Under 13/14 may play in three different cities. Check your schedule closely for the correct park. 

**Only possible reschedules will be FISD related events**

Soccer Schedule for FSA teams who play in the Plano Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) Recreational League* U15 - U19 teams:  Plano Youth Soccer Information for *FSA teams U15-U19 who play with other local associations through the PYSA rec league.  Registration is done through FSA and team info is sent to PYSA just before the season starts.  Information on schedules, standings and field closures can be found on the PYSA website above.

Score Reminders:

U9's are scored for history only.  All players ages U4 to U9 receive a participation award.

Scores for standings are kept for U10 and above. All U10 players will receive either a place or participation award.

U11 and older will  receive place trophies according to the bylaws.

Scores for youth reflect a maximum of a 3-point differential since these are recreational leagues. 

 Check with your League Director if you have a question about scores.    

Parking Reminder:
Please do not park on neighborhood streets adjacent to parks.  
This is inconvenient to residents and dangerous for players and spectators crossing busy streets.  
There is enough parking in the designated lots to accommodate parking on game days.

Pet Reminder:
Per City ordinance, no animal is allowed within 75 feet of a playing field, playground, concession/restroom or plaza area.  
In the case of baseball/softball complexes, that rules out the whole area.  
No animals are allowed and violators will be issued citations. (posted 04/23/09)