General Information for Academy Teams

General Information
Playing up in Academy - U6's are not "Age Eligible" for academy soccer and are not able to play up to the U7 age group. Players who are U7, U8, and U9 are age eligible and may play up one age group.  U10 may not play up and sign with a U11 competitive team.

How to Build an Academy Roster for a Tournament
Step 1) Whether your Academy team consists of recreational players, academy players or a mix, each player will need a current* season Academy Registration Form.
Step 2) Current* Academy Registration Forms are signed by a NTSSA Association and include the Player Registration number. 
Step 3) Once you have a current* Academy Registration Form for each player, use the Academy Tournament Roster below and list each player in alphabetical order by last name.  Be sure to use the players proper name and provide all the information required including the registration number.  
All adults listed on the roster in any roll must have an approved background check and a NTSSA registration number.  Adults may register at this link to complete this process and appear on an Academy roster:  Register as a Non-Rostered Adult  
Step 4) Take or email the individual Academy Registration forms for all players listed on the roster and the completed Academy Tournament Roster form to a NTSSA association and have the roster Approved/Validated.  Each Roster is for one event only and can not be used for more than one event.  
This will be your tournament roster for this tournament only.  
* Current Season - If the tournament is in Fall 2016, you must have academy forms that say Fall16/Spring17 or Fall 2016.  Forms that are from a prior season only would not be current.
If you have questions, email