Information for parents of Academy players

General Information for parents of Academy players: 


You have most likely been asked by a coach or club to provide the team with an Academy form for your child.
An Academy form is proof that your child is a registered as a sanctioned player as required by North Texas State Soccer Association to participate in leagues, tournaments, and other events that are sanctioned by North Texas Soccer Association (NTSSA).

If a player is not registered as a 'sanctioned' player then said player is NOT eligible participate in NTSSA events.

An Academy form is verification (proof) of the players registration.

WILL MY CHILD BE ASSIGNED TO A TEAM:  No, FSA does NOT assign a team for your child.  You must seek out a team for yourself.  An Academy form simply verifies that your child is registered and eligible for Academy play in his/her age group.


Recreational Players - Do not need to register again.  They are covered under their recreational fees. Complete the form and send to FSA

For the Season -  Players can register for 1 season.  They must re-register for the next season.

For the Year - 
Players can register for the entire year (available only in the fall for fall & spring registration) and pay the fee for the entire year.  FSA will provide a form that will be good for the year.