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What are your kids thinking when you watch them play?

How NOT to act at the fields!

Change the Game for your player:

  • We can all start changing youth sports for the better by learning five simple words.. I love to watch you play!
  • The single greatest effect on performance is an athlete’s state of mind.
  • Youth sports used to be about children competing against other children; now it is often adults competing against other adults through their children.
  • Children play sports because it is fun; winning comes in way down the list.
  • Children quit sports when they don’t get to play, and when winning becomes more important than enjoyment.
  • 90% of children would rather play on a losing team than sit the bench on a winning team.
  • Competition is important, but being competitive comes from putting the needs and priorities of our children first.

  Friendly Reminder from Frisco Soccer:

  In sports, opponents are necessary for your child to be able to participate.

Please treat your opponents with courtesy and respect. They are our neighbors, friends and our community youth.

Parents are to adhere to the Parents Code of Conduct at all times!


Parents must review and acknowledge the NTSSA Parents Code of Conduct to complete the registration. After registering, come back to this page to submit your acknowledgement of the Parents Code of Conduct online. This data will be logged into your childs file.


              Dear Parent -  Thank you for your interest in outdoor youth soccer here in Frisco.

FSA offers 2 seasons, Fall and Spring.  We offer great camps during the summer months and this is a good way to introduce or improve soccer skills!
Players must be 3 by August first to play in the current season. No exceptions per North Texas State Soccer!
Registration for Fall begins June 1, games begin after Labor Day and end before Thanksgiving.
Registration for Spring begins November 1, games begin around Valentines Day and end the beginning of May.

Registration is completed on-line and available on the dates mentioned above.  Go to RECREATIONAL REGISTRATION  
Players are placed on teams according to area and availability.  Please tell us which FISD school your player is zoned to attend (even if they are not there yet).   This will help with team placement. Practice can be once or twice a week as determined by the coach and age of the players. 
Coaches are volunteers and determine practice day, time and location, so this information will not be available until your player has actually been placed on a team.
Most games are on Saturday between 8am and 7pm but teams will have a few games during the week as well.  Games for U4 - U14 are played at Frisco Fields.  U15+ are played with several other associations with some games scheduled for Frisco fields.
See you at the field!
Frisco Soccer Association

A uniforms kit (numbered jersey, shorts & socks) is included in the registration cost and a Dino ball will be provided for all players in this age group.  8 games are scheduled for the season.
FSA coaches participate in Xara's Dinomites soccer training program. 

A uniform kit (numbered jersey, shorts & socks)  is included in the registration cost.  8 games are scheduled for the season.
FSA coaches participate in Xara's Dinomites soccer training program. 
Players should have their own Dino ball. 
Click here for more info and a coupon for a discounted ball and other Dino accessories!  

Frisco Soccer Association is a volunteer organization that facilitates the sport of soccer for the enjoyment of the participants.  All board members, league directors, coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents are all volunteers who give their time and efforts on behalf of the players.
Without parent volunteers, the number of children able to participate would be decreased.
Volunteer your time to your child, coach, team and league.

Read the FSA Refund Policy
Read the Frequently Ask Questions
Read the Parents Code of Conduct
Review the FSA League Rules and Bylaws.

The next contact you will receive from FSA will be from the coach of your child's team.  Your child's coach will receive the roster at the coaches meeting which is held approximately 3 weeks prior to opening day.  Coaches are asked to contact players shortly thereafter. The coach of your child's team, will notify you of days, times, and locations he/she has chosen for practice.  Be prepared with your child's equipment and be ready for practice when the coach calls!

Will be released approximately 10 - 14 days prior to opening day. Most games will be on Saturday but expect at least 2-3 weekday games under the lights. 
During the Spring season FSA will use Easter weekend as a 'Rainout Make-up Day'.


  Size 3 for U8 (first grade) and younger (U4's will receive a Dino Ball)

 Size 4 for U9 - U12 (2nd grade to 5th)

 Size 5 for U13 (6th grade) and over

   Every player should have his/her own ball for practice.

Shinguards:     Mandatory.  Required for all practices and games.

Soccer Cleats:    Soccer cleats are recommended but are not mandatory.  Most players have them.

Waterbottle:      Players should have a waterbottle at all practices and games.  Insulated is best.




1. Children have more need for example than for criticism. Attempt to relieve the pressure of the competition, not increase it. A child is easily affected by outside influences.

2. Be kind to your child’s coach and officials. The coach is a volunteer, giving of personal time and money to provide a recreational activity for your child.

3. The opponents are necessary friends; without them your child could not participate.

4. Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team.

5. Do not openly question an official’s judgment and honesty. Officials are symbols of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship.

6. Accept the results of each game. Encourage your child to be gracious in victory, and to turn defeat into victory by working towards improvement.

7. Remember your child is involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, NOT YOURS! 

8. Encourage your child to always play by the rules.

9. Teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.

10. Remember that your child learns by example. Children mimic what their parents say. Criticism of the coach, officials, teammates, and/or opponents fosters bad attitudes and can only lead to a negative experience for your child.

11. Parents should remember that a coach has an entire team of players to consider when making decisions regarding position, playing time, substitutions, and strategy. The team does not revolve around one player.