Recreational Registration

WELCOME to Frisco Soccer where we play OUTSIDE!

Fall 2018 Registration starts on June 1

and runs the entire month of June for games beginning September 8th.  

Frisco Soccer is a volunteer driven organization.  All head coaches, assistant coaches and team parents are volunteers.  We encourage you to volunteer and be involved in the league with your child.

Please make sure your player is available to participate at both practice and games.  Practice can be any day of the week. Most games are scheduled for Saturdays from 8am to 8pm but can be during the week as well.  Teams will have some games during the week as well starting at 6:00pm.  Weather related rescheduling of games may cause games to be scheduled on a Sunday.

Not all players can be placed close to home.  They can only be placed on teams where there are volunteer coaches in their age group. Want to practice close to home on a specific night?  Then volunteer as HEAD COACH!  Teams are not co-ed. 

You will be asked what school your child is zoned to attend in the registration process.  Frisco ISD Attendance Zones/School Boundaries 

The volunteer Head Coaches determine practice day, time and location so this information will not be available until your player has actually been placed on a team.  Practice can be once or twice a week as determined by the coach and age of the players.  Teams are formed around Head Coaches only. To volunteer as Head Coach, please read the Volunteer Opportunities box in your child's registration. If not enough parents volunteer for Head Coach during registration, the league will email out for additional volunteer Head Coaches once registration is closed and we can determine how many teams are needed for the registered players. 

Players Pre-K and younger are able to make a friend request.  Kinder and 1st grade players may request if they are new to the FSA league.  Parents are always encouraged to include a note in their player's registration no matter what age.  All of these are requests and are not guaranteed even if the coach has indicated there is an open spot on the team.

****FSA will continue to form Kindergarten and older teams under the school year calendar.  



Fall 2018 Registration Dates  ****Player fees are by birth year. Team placement is primarily by school grade.  

Registration is completed On-line at the link below.

Regular Registration: June 1 - July 7

Late Registration: July 8 - July 14  (Add $15 per player, not refundable).

Wait List Registration: Starts July 15th - Credit Card info is required but will not be charged until actually being placed on a team. Open spots are only available as other registered players drop out of the league. Players who register to the wait list may not be placed on a team.  This includes returning players who want to return to their same team.  Please register on time.

New Players: Date of Birth must be verified for players new to Frisco Soccer. Provide birth certificate or passport by one of the following:

Once you register, the next contact will be from the Coach approximately 2 -3 weeks prior to the start of the season (Fall-end of August, Spring-end of Jan).

  Birth Yr/School Gr  Fee
  2015 - 2013 PreK $85 Includes Uniform Kit*, 8 Games
  Kinder & 1st $90 Includes Uniform Kit*, 8 Games
  2nd - 3rd $80 8 Game Season (3 Referees)
  4th - 5th grade $75 8 Game Season (3 Referees)
  6th - 12th grade $90 8 Game Season (3 Referees)

$15 Sibling discount available for child 3 & 4.

Financial Assistance may be available.  Ask at the FSA office.  Assistance is only available during regular registration.

*See Uniform Program Below

 Be sure to select the VOLUNTEER option in your player's registration if you are a returning Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Manager or if you have an interest in coaching your child's team.

The 5 most important words you can say to your child...I love to watch you play! 

GotSoccer does not work well on phones or tablets.** Don't risk your registration being incomplete.

Go to Parent Information for the Parent Code of Conduct and more info about your players participation in the FSA league. 
Parents must review and acknowledge the NTSSA Parents Code of Conduct prior to participating with your team.

A NOTE ABOUT WAIT LIST REGISTRATION - Once regular and late registrations close, you may register to the Wait List using the same registration link in blue.  You must enter your credit card information to complete the registration.  The card will not be charged until we accept the registration and place your child on a team.  Not all wait list registrations will be accepted since it will be too late to form more teams.

Thank you and welcome to Outdoor Soccer with Frisco Soccer Association!


*A Note About Jewelry - For the safety of all players, all items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) are not allowed and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. 

*Uniform Program – 

FSA provides uniforms for ages U4 through U8.  Each fall, players will receive a new uniform kit which includes a jersey, shorts and socks.  Your registration fee includes $10 in the fall and $10 in the spring towards the cost of the uniform. 

Kids come in all sizes and grow at different rates!  Xara, our uniform supplier, helped us determined the best 2 sizing options for the players in each age group.  Keep in mind, that since most of the players will wear the uniform for two* seasons, they may be slightly large/long in the fall so that they won’t be too small in the spring. 

*Players registering in the fall will keep the uniform and wear it in the spring.  New players to the spring season and players who change teams in the spring will be provided a new uniform for spring.

Uniforms are pre-ordered 6 months in advance, so they can be received and numbered.  Fall numbers range from 2 – 10 and spring numbers are 11 and higher so there will be no duplicates.  Only shorts can be exchanged for a different size.

Coaches are advised not to give out uniforms at the first practice since some players may decide that soccer is not for them.   For distribution to the team, coaches are advised to start with the largest players and the larger size uniforms in their team kit and then work their way down.

If your team elects to purchase their own uniforms, the registration fee will not be discounted.  Some teams have decided to “jazz it up” by purchasing different and fun socks or adding a team logo.  This keeps the cost to a minimum for all families.

The FSA uniform program was put in to place to alleviate several issues.  First and foremost, the quantity of uniforms needed in such a short period of time was overwhelming for our local and on line sources.  Second and perhaps more important, many new teams are formed in the fall and spring in these age groups.  FSA did not want to put new coaches in the position of collecting money from families they were just meeting.  We want coaches and families to form good relationships from the beginning both on and off the field.

Thank you for your participation.