Referee Info

Burke McDavid, Referee Chairman  Steve Fonseca, Assignor



 Outdoor Referee Misconduct Report
 Submit all FSA misconduct reports, yellow card reports within 48 hours of the offense to  




 Referee Quick Links:
 Game Officials  New referees contact Steve Fonseca for access
 Laws of the Game 09/10  Laws of the Game
 Interpretation Guidelines  A referees guideline to interpreting the Laws of the Game.
 Referee's Quickguide  A highlight of basic rules by division
 Ask a Referee  Laws of the Game - Ask a Referee
 Referee Pay Rates  Click here for current pay rates
 Clinics  Check for scheduled clinics and clinic descriptons







 Referee Forms:
 Form W-9  Scan to or Fax 972-712-3511
 Referee Misconduct Report  Scan to or Fax 972-712-3511
 PYSA Recreational Payment Request  Pay must be requested from the PYSA league