UK Elite Skills Development Program

UK ELITE SOCCER  Skills Development Program

Look to compliment your team training with an individual technical training program from UK Elite's professional trainers.    

Technical Elite Feet Training

Working on foot skills each week to improve ball mastery and develop moves & fakes to your game.  Each week a different theme is focused on to build a rounded understanding of techniques required to play the game.

Technical Goalkeeper Training

Working on the techniques a goalkeeper requires to play a well rounded game.  Each week involves a footwork and handling warm up to constantly develop the most important aspect of the position and then we progress into different themes focused at developing all techniques required to play the position.

Why sign up for the UK Elite Technical Training?

An opportunity to get extra touches on the ball during the week.

Learn individual skills and moves that are difficult to add into the team training time.

Further develop the technical skills needed to play as a team.

Whatever age and level you are, we have a program that will help you to become the best player you can be.

Great value for money.

What the program covers:

Individual ball each warm up to help improve touches and control

Develop moves - learning fakes and tricks to beat an opponent

Technical Themes covered weekly to develop all aspects of the game - Individual Possession (Dribbling/shielding), Team Possession (passing and movement), Receiving the Ball, Defending, Counter Attacking and Shooting are some of the themes covered.

We will finish with small sided games to put the themes worked on, into the game.  Smaller teams allow for more touches and better immediate understanding of the game.

Goalkeepers will progress from the basics (footwork, handling and angles) to more complex themes (distribution choices, playing as the last defender, set up for corners and free kicks etc).

For more information or to set up a group discount for teams/friends please email: or call: 214 548 8220   


Glen Waudby
Regional Manager


(972) 876-2858