Fall Qualifier



Teams Advancing to Represent FSA in the TOC

2017 FSA Fall Qualifier 

The FSA Fall Qualifier is being held for teams U9 to U14.  Winners will advance to represent Frisco Soccer Association at the North Texas State Soccer Association Tournament of Champions.  For FSA teams only.

Teams U15 and older will use standings from the PYSA Fall League to determine advancement to the TOC.

This mini tournament will only determine FSA representation at the NTSSA TOC for U9 to U14.  It will not be used to determine gold or silver placement for regular league play.

***Winners/Advancers must be available to play all games for the NTSSA TOC December 1-3, 2017***

PLEASE NOTE: Teams must be committed to play all scheduled games for the FSA Qualifier and all scheduled games for the TOC.  There is a considerable financial investment made by FSA on behalf of each team for both events.  If for any reason your team is not able to field a team for any of the games at both events listed above, disciplinary action up to and including a disciplinary hearing and coach suspension may occur.  Teams may also be precluded from entering any other tournaments for a period of time.
Please be respectful of both FSA and NTSSA by confirming your team members can follow through with the commitment to play both tournaments before signing up for the Fall Qualifier.



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NTSSA Tournament of Champions 

For Recreational Teams Only

*There is no fee to the team.  FSA pays the registration fee.

*Please Note: NO GUEST PLAYERS ALLOWED.  All players must play 50% of the game.*

Each association in North Texas is eligible to send one team per division to participate in the TOC which will be held at multiple venues around the D/FW Metroplex.  



The FSA Fall Qualifier will be held on Saturday, November 11th in Frisco.

- Game duration, format and rules will be per regular season play. 
- In the event of a tie, decision will be by way of kicks from the penalty mark.


How are teams selected? 

4 teams from each age group will be eligible to participate in the FSA Qualifier:

Age groups with 2 divisions will be top 2 available* teams from each gold and silver.

Age groups with 3 divisions will be top 2 available* teams from gold and 1 each from silver and bronze.

*Teams are only considered available if they can participate in the TOC as noted above.

Check the preliminary schedule below to review how your age group is set.

No guest players. All players must play 50% of the game. 

Your team schedule and Game Day Report for the referee will be available from your team account once it's been determined you meet both the league standings requirement and the TOC weekend availability .  Look at your "Event Registration History" for the event called "FSA 2017 TOC Qualifying".  All information for this event will be found here.

In the event you move forward to the TOC, you will see a new event in your event history when FSA registers our team to the TOC.  Your schedule and documents required will be found under this new event.

Schedules for FSA Qualifying Click Here
The schedule will be updated with team names as regular season standings are finalized.

FSA Coach Identification Badge:   Current FSA ID badges must be worm at all games.  Team officials without an ID badge will be asked to leave the sidelines.  Applies to TOC as well.

Additional TOC Information:

FSA Tournament of Champion T-shirts will be provided for your team to wear at the TOC.

If your team advances to represent FSA in the TOC, FSA will register your team for the event, pay the fee to North Texas and upload a signed Official North Texas Roster to your event account.  You must upload your current medical forms for each player who will participate to the TOC event mentioned above.  The current medicals signed by parents at the beginning of the Fall 2017 recreational season my be used.

Practice Field Information: Coming soon - Once the season is over, new practice fields/times will be available.  Facilities will send an email similar to what you received in the regular season.  Please wait until you receive the email with new available times.