Frisco Shawnee Trail Shootout Tournament

13th Annual - May 18-20, 2018 
5/20/18: Warren is closed, All 9v9 games have been rescheduled to Toyota.  15 min halves

We will make every effort to work around late league play. Please include your game times under conflicts as soon as possible.




This tournament is an unrestricted tournament.
In addition to USYSA rosters, US Club rosters will also be accepted.

 Registration Deadline: May 4, 2018

 Physical* check in is located:

 5566 Main Street #205.  Park in the World Cup parking area.  

Enter through the double glass doors at the north west corner just left of the State Farm Office.
* Pick up player gifts, score cards and 2 parking passes for FCD. 


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Join us in Frisco for the 2018 Shawnee Trail Shootout Tournament where over 250 teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico have participated in this tournament, enjoying exciting and competitive soccer on well maintained fields such as the Toyota Soccer Center/FC Dallas Complex, home of the MLS FC Dallas professional team!  

Games will be held at the Toyota Soccer Center/FC Dallas Complex, and the newly opened Northeast Park in Frisco.

   Parking at FC Dallas:  There will be a parking fee per day (no weekend pass) at the FC Dallas Complex.  More information will be provided at time of team check-in.


DIVISIONS and FEES*: Academy, Recreational and Competitive
Divisions include both Boys and Girls Teams
All playing formats include a keeper.

*You will choose your format when you register.  If that format/age group does not make, we will contact you with options.


 U7-U8 (4v4):  $420

 U8-U9 (7v7):  $450

U10 (7v7):  $450 
U10 (9v9):  $525         



   U11-U12 (9v9):  $375    

   U12 - U19 (11v11): $375             



 U11-U12 (9v9):  $525      

 U11-U19 (11v11): $595



Please read before registering.  By registering you are agreeing to the refund policy of the tournament. 

Three game minimum is guaranteed. 
*All matches will be mini games. 
Some local teams will be scheduled to play on Friday evening.

All teams must register on-line. Teams should enter credit card information at the time of registration or opt to mail a check or money order.  Once teams are accepted, credit cards will be charged and checks or money orders will be deposited. Any team who has not paid within 3 business days of acceptance runs the risk of being dropped without notice.  

FSTS only accepts 1)Validated Academy Rosters (signed by an NTSSA association registrar), 2)USYSA recreational rosters and 3)USYSA Competitive rosters or 4) US Club rosters.  

Once you register your team, your commitment to participate is expected no matter your payment status.

By registering you are agreeing to the following refund policy of the tournament:

If inclement weather cancels the tournament PRIOR TO THE FIRST SCHEDULED GAME, all teams will receive a refund of 50% of their entry fee. If after the first start time there will be no refund.

No refunds will be made to any team withdrawing within 10 days of the tournament.
No refunds will be made to teams withdrawing after being accepted.
No refunds will be made to teams who no show.


Where possible, age pure or primarily younger/primarily older age divisions (such as U11 and U12 rather than just U12) will be formed.

All divisions will be awarded 1st and 2nd place awards.

For information Contact Us

Maximum Roster Size includes rostered participating players and guest players:
Age Group Roster Max
U7-U8 (4v4)  8
U8-U9 (7v7) 12
U9-U12 (9v9) 16
U11- U14 (11v11) 18
U15- U19 (11v11) 22

Registration Information 
Application and Fee Deadline: Friday, April 29, 213, 5pm